Our Story

L&M Sales of Glenwood, MN is a family owned and operated business.

Lonnie and Marsha started their business in Glenwood, Minnesota over 40 years ago and are still there today.

We were the first MotorTrike dealer in the upper Midwest when MotorTrike started their new adventure.

We have worked hand and hand with MotorTrike owners, Jeff and Diane, ever since. Still today we appreciate Jeff and Diane for their hard work and dedication to MotorTrike, their dealers and their many customers. That is why we are proud to be the premiere MotorTrike dealer of the upper Midwest.

For many years to come we will continue to build MotorTrike conversions, because we believe it is the best trike on the market for our customers. We take a lot of pride in building our trikes and taking care of our customers during and after the sale.